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Testing & Treatment of Sprinkler Systems for Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC)



Bacteria can enhance the effects of general corrosion in fire sprinkler systems and is found in around 40% of corrosion failures.  This is called Microbiologically Influence Corrosion (MIC).  MIC is a type of corrosion which is initiated by microbiological life forms (bacteria) and often occurs often in fire sprinkler systems.  Certain species of bacterium aid in the corrosion cell creation and propagation of the corrosion process.


Issues that can arise from corrosion in fire sprinkler systems:


  • Temporary shutdowns

  • Total system replacements


SCHUTZE & Associates, Inc. provides periodic injections of a product called Potter Shield into fire sprinkler systems, which clears the corrosion and plugs up holes in the system.  SCHUTZE also provides post-injection testing to ensure that the potter shield is working.


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Building Evaluations



General Building Evaluations


Reports created from General Building Evaluations contain information on midsize to large properties that help determine whether a project is feasible or not.


General Building Evaluations include:


  • Site evaluations

  • Property descriptions

  • Code compliance review

  • List of items needing repair or replacement

  • Estimate of costs

  • Projection of anticipated costs

  • Vicinity map

  • Site map

  • Photographs of work items

  • Recommentations for improvements that would add to the value of the property


Limited Building Evaluations


Limited Building Evaluations are used as a Lender's report for the purpose of refinancing or purchasing small to mid-size properties.


Limited Building Evlations include:


  • Site evaluations

  • Executive summary and report

  • List of items needing repair or replacement

  • Vicinity map

  • Site map

  • Photographs of work items


SCHUTZE & Associates, Inc. also provides Structural/Seismic Evaluations and Mechanical/Electrical Systems Evaluations.

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